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Illumimaire was born after discovering the joy of candlemaking.

What started out as a quiet quest to refill some old candle vessels, quickly turned into a full blown hobby to create and explore further the art and science of candlemaking. After many months of making and testing and telling people how much fun it was making candles, word got around to other people, and they started to notice and wanted to buy the candles!

At first, a facebook photo album was created, but as more people took interest, and word of mouth got around, a separate facebook and instagram page was created for Illuminaire to make it easier for people to see the finished candles. Now after further prodding, this website was created!

Illuminaire is all about love for candles, which means we use high quality ingredients to give the best experience. Every candle at Illuminaire is lovingly handmade, from the small batches poured to the hand placed decorations. We pride ourselves on making every candle unique! 

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